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Sallie Chenault


The Boonesborough Chapter of NSDAR was organized in June of 1896 by Mrs. Sara (Sallie) Gibson Humphreys Chenault, the first regent.  She was joined by fourteen additional local women in pursuing the 1896 charter.  Sallie Chenault transferred her membership to this new chapter after marriage to Christopher D. Chenault, a Madison County resident. Mrs. Chenault served as chapter regent from 1896 – 1904, State Regent from 1907-1909, Vice President General of NSDAR from 1921-1924, Honorary State Regent from 1928 forward, honorary regent of Boonesborough Chapter from 1928 forward.  Mrs. Chenault organized the Gibson Unit of the Confederate Memorial Association, and she served as state chairman of the Kentucky Room in Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, D.C.  She was a founder of the Lexington Humane Society, and a member of the DAR State Committee for Schools and Colleges. 


Chapter Accomplishments


Accomplishments of historical preservation, patriotic recognition, and education have long been the focus of the Boonesborough Chapter. Beginning in 1907 with a stone marker placed on the original site of Fort Boonesborough and continuing to the current day, we have acquired land of historical significance (parcels at Boonesborough and Fort Twetty).  We maintain these parcels as a testament to the accomplishment of our forebears. The chapter also recognizes and marks local sites representative of Daniel Boone’s paths throughout Kentucky. 











More recently the Boonesborough Chapter marked the Richmond Cemetery grave of Elizabeth Buford Parkes, a Real Daughter  and member of our DAR chapter.  A Real Daughter is the child of a Revolutionary War soldier; Elizabeth was the daughter of John Buford, a private from Culpepper County, Virginia, who relocated to Madison County, Kentucky.

We also regularly contribute American flags to local schools and

cemeteries in an effort to educate youngsters and community

members to the importance of patriotism and love of country.

On 31 July 2021 the Boonesborough Chapter celebrated the 125th anniversary of its chapter charter with NSDAR.

DAR Real Daughter Marker on the Headstone of Elizabeth Buford Parkes at Richmond Cemetery

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